Faculty Detail

Sl. No.Name, Father/ Husband Name with Date of BirthAadhar Card No.Self attested PhotographWhether SC/ ST/ OBC/ Other CategoryDesignationPlease mention the qualification relevant to the post starting from Plus 2, Graduation, Post Graduation and Professional QualificationSubject of TeachingNumber of year of Teaching Experience in TEIs/Joining date in the current assignment
%age of Marks (Puls 2)%age of Marks (Graduation)%age of Marks (Post Graduation)%age of Marks (Professional Degree-I)%age of Marks (Professional Degree-II)NET/Ph.D.(University) (Education/ Other Subject specify)
I.Teaching Staff
1.Dr. Ashutosh Dubey S/O Sh. Nand Kishor Dubey D.O.B. 05/01/1983896127271330Gen.Principal51.6B.Sc.Med 58.07Botany 58.3% Education 58.9%B.Ed. 79.13M.Ed 67.38NET, JRF Ph.D. (Edu) Dr. BRAU AgraScience and Life ScienceTwelve Years 09-09-2021
2.Ms. Manorama Devi W/O Sh. Rakesh Kumar D.O.B. 26/01/1983828855277191SCAssist. Professor in Education57.75B.Sc. NM 52Math 51B.Ed. 65.36M.Ed 61NETMath andPhysical ScienceEightYears01-04-2017
3.Mr. Chaman Lal S/O Sh. Amar Chand D.O.B. 30/01/1965859149293572Gen.Assist. Professor in Education54B.A. 48.2Pol Science 73.81B.Ed. 63.88M.Ed 55.66M.PhilSocial Science and EnglishThirteen Years 01-09-2014
4.Mr. Suresh Kumar S/O Sh. Chet Ram D.O.B. 26/08/1979367134518252GenHealth & Physical Education45.5-----------BP.Ed 70.9MPEd 66.63-------Physical Edu.Fifteen Years 25-08-2008
5.Mr. Raj Kumar S/O Sh. Sita Ram D.O.B  13/05/1982899754789367SCAssist. Professor in Education47.25B.A. 50.0M.A Hindi 51.13B.Ed. 59.1M.A Education 66------Social Science and EnglishSeven Years 01-06-2016
6.Mrs. Arpana Devi D/O Sh. Shankar Dass D.O.B  05/09/1985957657360990SCAssist. Professor in Education55B.A50.20M.A English 52B.Ed. 66M.Ed. 62-----Social Study and EnglishSeven Years 01-06-2016
7.Mr. Vivek Sharma S/O Harnam Singh D.O.B  23/01/1982976242286500GenAssist. Professor inFine Arts50B.A 54.2M.A Painting 57.2B.Ed.M.Ed.----------Drama, Art and EducationSeven Years28-10-2015
8.Mr. Pankaj Sharma S/O Sh. Ashok Kumar Sharma D.O.B  10/01/1986719250344089GenAssist. Professor in Education67B.Sc 49.45M.Sc 63B.Ed. 67.45M.Ed. 68__________Teaching of Physical Science and Life ScienceSix Years01-04-2017
9.Mr. Sunny Kumar S/O Sh. Desh Raj D.O.B  11/08/1990501077433763STAssist. Professor in Education62B.A 60M.A English 57B.Ed. 66M.Ed. 67.75__________Teaching of Social Science and EnglishSeven Years 01-01-2016
10.Mr. Chuni Lal S/O Sh. Rattan Chand D.O.B  18/09/1986432168263988ScAssist. Professor in Education60B.A 56M.A History 54.25B.Ed. 68.09M./Ed. 64.05________Teaching of Social Science and EnglishEleven Years01-09-2014
11.Mrs. Archana Devi D/O Sh.Shamsher Singh D.O.B  11/08/1985364662621612GenAssist. Professor in Education63.8B.A 52.6M.A English 55.17B.Ed. 62.18M.Ed. 61.75________Teaching of Social Science and EnglishSeven Years 01-09-2016
12.Mr. Leela Dhar S/O Sh. Luder Mani D.O.B  08/12/1981881662755773GenAssist. Professor in Education61B.Sc. 52.11-B.Ed. 66.81M.A Education 58.4_______Teaching of Maths and Physical ScienceSix Years 03-06-2017
13.Mrs. Kashmira Devi D/O Sh. Prem Chand D.O.B  14/09/1985590396176540ScAssist. Professor in Education55B.A 46M.A Hindi 60B.Ed. 62M.Ed. 68___________Teaching of Social Science and EnglishSix Years 05-06-2017
14.Mrs. Arti Devi D/OSh.Desh Raj D.O.B   30/11/1990690645733240GenAssist. Professor in Education70B.Sc Non-Med 60M.Sc Mathematics 71B.Ed. 67M.Ed. 75_________Teaching of Physical science and MathsSix Years 05-06-2017
15.Mrs. Kiran Bala D/O Sh. Prem Chand D.O.B  19/03/1985717092411552GenAssist. Professor in Education61B.Sc. 66.2M.Sc. Physics 70.08B.Ed. .3M.Ed. 73.3____________Teaching of Physical science and MathsSix Years 03-06-2017
16.Mrs. Kusum Lata D/O Sh. Hem Raj D.O.B  08/05/1993570150327754GenAssistant Professor in Performing Art61B.A 57M.AMusic 71-------------__________Performing ArtThree Years 20-12-2019